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Immediate Capital with a No Title Transfer Stock Loan – Use the cash for any purpose!

STOCK-LOAN.NET is a privately held investment banking company, based in Chicago, Illinois specializing in no transfer of title non-recourse stock loans with the financial strength to fund loans from $300,000 to $100,000,000.

We and our lenders have helped hundreds of borrowers obtain a stock loan for their publicly traded securities. A stock loan can only be financed if the security is in electronic format, not paper.

We provide a quick and easy process to execute a stock loan with No Transfer of Title and No Sale to Fund. Your securities are the only collateral pledged to secure it. Today, there is no reason for any client engaging in a loan in which the borrower transfers the ownership and title to a lender.

STOCK-LOAN.NET works to create a mutual relationship helping you raise capital for any purpose – buy a home, buy a business, invest in real estate, or just about anything you desire and it is a non re-course loan. You have no personal liability should a default occur and it will never effect your credit.

A non-recourse no title transfer stock loan can be completed in as little as 7 days. In uncertain markets like Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore a loan secured by your securities allows you to benefit in the event of a market downturn, yet still retain upside potential should the price per share increase during the term of the loan.

The greatest benefit to this type of stock loan is if the share price of the stock significantly drops in value, you can walk away from the loan with no personal liability. However if the share price of the stock increases in value, you can simply pay off the original loan amount and the stock is released of any encumbrance.

Read more details about our No Title Transfer Stock Loan/ No sale to Fund.

New York Stock Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Japan Exchange Group
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Deutsche Borse
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Bombay Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of India
SIX Swiss Stock Exchange
Australian Securities Exchange
Korea Stock Exchange
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange
JSE Limited
BME Spanish Stock Exchanges
Taiwan Stock Exchange
BM&F Bovespa
Stock Exchange of Thailand
Hotchi Minh Stock Exchange
Indonesia Stock Exchange
Philippine Stock Exchange
Singapore Stock Exchange
Bursa Malaysia

If you are a share holder with publicly traded securities, contact us to receive a customized share financing solution. If you’ve never considered a stock loan before, we are here to help you understand how it works and get you the most competitive rates and terms available.

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No Title Transfer Securities Loan

Most Foreign Exchanges

Non Recourse

No Upfront Fees

No Income Required

No Employment Required

Up to 75% LTV

USD 300,000 Minimum

From 3-10 Years

Prepay Early Terms

Low Fixed Interest Paid Quarterly