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About Us

STOCK-LOAN.NET is wholly owned subsidiary of America 2030, Capital LLC. An international diversified investment banking firm with offices and representatives in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Since 1986, we have been serving investment needs of our clients.

We have over 200 independent business development agents who would be pleased to assist you with one of our specialty products.

The firm focuses on Mergers & Acquisitions, business brokerage, institutional financing, securities lending, capital markets, commercial real estate, mortgages, business loans, corporate consulting and asset management.

Integrity, security, trust, professionalism, dedication, customer service, dependence is what America 2030, Capital, LLC is all about. Our staff is committed to our clients business and financial needs.

For additional information on America 2030, please visit

You may contact our corporate office by emailing to us at

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No Title Transfer Securities Loan

Most Foreign Exchanges

Non Recourse

No Upfront Fees

No Income Required

No Employment Required

Up to 75% LTV

USD 300,000 Minimum

From 3-10 Years

Prepay Early Terms

Low Fixed Interest Paid Quarterly