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Benefits of Stock Loans

Are you ready to join the many happy investors who have
benefitted from betting against their stock portfolio? Here are just
a few of the benefits of taking out a non-recourse stock loan.

1. You retain ownership of your stocks.

The age-old dilemma: You want to make money betting against your stocks, but you don’t want to give up ownership of said stocks. Stock loans might just be the solution you’re looking for! You can benefit from a stock loan without giving up either the title or ownership of your stocks. Your lender will simply hold onto your stock portfolio in a mutually agreed-upon bank or transfer agent. At the end of the loan term, you can either extend the loan, or pay off the loan and reclaim your portfolio. When you reclaim your stocks, you’ll also reclaim any dividends that had been paid during the loan term.

2. No hidden costs.

So many financial transactions seem too good to be true. Once the initial allure fades, you’ll realize you’ve been saddled with tons of sneaky, hidden fees. Not so for stock loans. We require zero application fees, appraisal fees, or any other kind of costs upfront. What’s more, you won’t face any unintended costs down the line.

3. Accessible to all.

Non-recourse stock loans are not limited to stockowners with high incomes, blemish-free credit scores, or long-term employment. In fact, we won’t even ask you to submit that information in your application. The only thing we are assessing is your stock portfolio.

4. Get cash, fast!

While signing on to a mortgage can be an arduous process that goes on for months, setting up a stock loan is a quick, efficient process. In fact, if the borrower fills out all the paperwork promptly, the entire process can take as little as seven days. Talk about fast cash, right? What’s more, this cash is free for you to use however you see fit, with no restriction.

It’s clear that stock loans come with a number of benefits, particularly if you’re eager to maintain ownership of your stocks, avoid hidden fees, and complete the deal quickly.