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Should I Borrow Against My Stocks?

Wondering if securities-based lending is right for you? Here are a few strategic
ways people just like you are using stock loans to make money off their
portfolios, get fast cash, and expand their wealth!

1. When you need a financial bridge

If you’re in the process of selling your old house, while attempting to make an offer on a new house, you may find yourself short on cash at that crucial moment. That’s where stock loans come in: By using your stock portfolio as collateral, you can get fast liquidity to hold you over through your financial transition.

2. When you’re having trouble securing a loan

Maybe you’ve been through shaky financial times, or perhaps you’re credit score is less than ideal. There are any number of reasons you might have trouble getting a loan, including simple human error on the part of your loan officer. Regardless of the reason, stock loans offer an easy alternative to get fast cash when you can’t find an attractive loan option.

3. When you have an unexpected business opportunity

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes you may encounter a sudden business opportunity that necessitates immediate action. Perhaps you’re considering buying out a rival business, or want to make a big investment in your office infrastructure. Maybe you even want to buy a new piece of real estate for your company. The more ambitious your business goal, the longer it takes to raise the necessary capital. That’s where stock loans come in. You can use your stock portfolio to gain the fast liquidity you need to make that investment in your professional future.

As you can see, there are any number of life events that could make borrowing against your stocks the best option to help you meet your financial goals. Whatever the situation, stock loans give you the opportunity to leverage your portfolio for a quick, reliable return.