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Stock Loans and Your Money

How much good has your stock portfolio done for you lately? If, like
most stock owners, you’ve been passively watching its value rise and fall,
you might not be putting your portfolio to the best use.

Your stock portfolio is a valuable asset, that can easily be converted into fast cash — Even if you don’t ever sell it.

That’s because of the ingenious opportunity posed by stock loans.

1. Stock Loans Turn Your Portfolio Into An Instant Payday Stock loans let you earn a hefty sum of money by using your stock portfolio as collateral. You temporarily transfer your stock holdings to a third-party bank, and your lender gives you the agreed upon cash.

2. And You Still Keep The Title And Ownership!

Many stock owners form emotional attachments to certain stocks, or feel a reluctance to sell a blue-chip stock, even if they really need the money. Luckily, taking out a stock loan doesn’t require you to give up the ownership or title of your stock. No oofficial transfer of ownership is ever carried out. While you temporary cede control over your stock, it remains safely guarded by a third-party custodian. At the end of the loan term, you are free to repay the loan, and triumphantly reclaim your stock, appreciations and all.

3. You Can Use The Cash However You Want!

You read that right. Once your lender pays up, the money is yours to use as you please. There are no restrictions on how you spend it, when you spend it, or where you spend it. In fact, you can even determine exactly the bank where you would like your money wired. Instantly receive the cash you need to make a big investment, buy a house, or pay for tuition.

Taking out a stock loan is the best way to turn your valuable stock portfolio into an immediate monetary source, without ever giving up your ownership of it. And, best of all, you can use that cash however you please!