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Why Borrow Against Stocks?

There are all kinds of reasons that savvy investors like you are choosing to borrow against their stocks. That’s because stock loans offer a uniquely attractive deal for borrowers. Some of the benefits of stock loans include:

1. Low-risk

Non-recourse stock loans require borrowers to take on zero personal liability. That’s because the only collateral being offered in the deal is the borrower’s stock portfolio.

2. Fast Cash

Non-recourse stock loans are the best way to get fast cash in your pocket. Unlike many other financial transactions, stock loans are remarkably efficient, and offer instant liquidity.

3. No transfer of ownership or title

Non-recourse stock loans do not require the stock owner to give up title or ownership of their valuable portfolio. Instead, the stock is merely held in a third-party bank or financial institution for the duration of the loan term.

With so many benefits, stock loans can be especially useful in a number of financial situations. For example:

1. When you’re buying a new home

Oftentimes, homebuyers find themselves in an uncomfortable purgatory between selling their old home, and making an offer on their new home. In that crucial moment, many homebuyers find themselves strapped for cash. That’s what makes stock loans such a convenient answer to their prayers.

2. When you have an unforeseen business opportunity

Sometimes you need cash, fast. Particularly when you have a business opportunity and you don’t have time to raise the necessary capital. Thanks to the fast pace of stock loans, you can quickly obtain the money you need to succeed.

3. When you’re having trouble securing a loan

There are all kinds of reasons you may struggle to secure a loan. But unlike most loan opportunities, stock loans don’t require pesky employment verification or credit checks. The only thing being assessed is your stock portfolio. This makes it a uniquely accessible way to earn fast cash.

There are all kinds of incentives to borrow against your stocks. Taking out a stock loan just might just be the perfect solution to help you achieve your financial goals.